Thursday, 17 November 2011

In Costa Rica at last!

Atlast the building permits are ready!!! 'Felicidades' all round - we are well on the way to being ready to start this very exciting first phase of PuraVidaEcolodge.

After a very productive 'reunion' at the PuraVidaEcolodge site with our talented (and very patient) 'Josefino' architect from FCB ARQUITECTURA along with the 'maestro de obra' from what seems the most likely contractor, all that remains to tie down 100% now is the exact (by both European & Costa Rican standards) location, given that the proposed 'Jungle-Villa' banks on offering guests both stunning panoramic Pacific Ocean views at the same time as dramatically hanging over the jungle canopy.

Throughout the development these two characteristics have been key to the design concept and will hopefully prove integral to the overall success of our first phase.

Ontop of that we need to consider the 'servidumbre', electricty connection and how much we need to 'landscape' the already very dramatic 'topografia'.

Hopefully we can incorporate our multi-levelled design without changing the natural landscape too much - all this will be confirmed along with the house parametres actually being marked out by our 'topografo' in the next few days.

Once we have completed the negotiations and finalized the 'acabados' (finishes) along with a possible re-thinking of foundation structure (essentially making the whole house that little bit lighter) we will be in a position to finalize the contractors contract, pick up the building permits from 'La Muni' and start construction!!!

MAYBE AS EARLY as last week in NOVEMBER!!! Watch this space! In the meantime, check out some basic renders of what will be our first 'Jungle Villa'.