Sunday, 17 July 2011

Infrastructure Improvements at PuraVida Ecolodge

Having recently gotton back from Costa Rica, it seems only fair to fill you in with the recent developments of our 'ecoluxury retreat' at PuraVida Ecolodge. Back in June, at the beginning of Costa Rica's extremely beautiful rainy season, myself and the local project manager dedicated a few days with a local team of Costa Rican workers, re-surfacing the access roads to the project, clearing the drains and generally improving access from the recently completed Costa Nera Highway. Now that we have also completed the 'all-weather' bridges (one of them photographed below) it was the logical thing to do in the last sunny days we had before the big rains come...

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More news to follow soon....

Thursday, 14 July 2011

The perfect day trip adventure on Pura Vida Ecolodge's doorstep!!!

Just the other week, we were lucky enough to discover yet another gem in Costa Rica's Southern Pacific. I will let the wonderful photos tell the story (you can check out the full travel feature by travel photographer Joe Lasky - - by clicking on Features & then Pura Vida, Costa Rica!) but I wanted to share a few photos here on the blog, right here, right now...

...just a short drive from the Pura Vida Ecolodge retreat, one arrives at the quiet village of Coronado. There we met Gerzan, our local guide and set off for the Rio Terraba. After an idylic hike through the open plains we eventually arrived at the 'quebrada', where a colourful little wooden boat was awaiting us. This was 'au natural' all the motors to scare off the abundant wildlife. After around an hour or so of thousands of different birds skwarking and howling monkeys swinging from tree to tree we managed to navigate to the middle of the impressive Rio Terraba, just a couple of miles towards the north, this golden coloured river spills out into the Pacific Ocean. Instead, we decided to take the safer option and continued to cross the river, while the tide was high, towards what was promised to be a hidden Utopia. Miles of untouched golden sands...all to ourselves, other than perhaps a couple fo local fishermen! And all the coconuts you can imagine! What a trip, what an experience...all just a stones throw away from PuraVida Ecolodge!!! Pura Vida Gerzan!!!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Our very own waterfall & 'plunge pool' onsite at PuraVidaEcolodge!

After our recent trip to the PuraVidaEcolodge site, much time was spent at the local 'viveros' buying and planting various trees and flowers so as to take advantage of the 'green' riang season that by now, will well be underway in Costa Rica. In fact, we even went so far as to start our own mini 'vivero' or 'tree nursery'.

BUT, the real exciting news, with the help & knowledge of one of our local guys from the team, was the discovery of a beautifully secluded two-tier waterfall, which comes in to its element as soon as the rains come in the wet season (typically May-November). Just a short walk through the stunning rain-forest canopy, literally a few minutes from the proposed location of PuraVidaEcolodge's first Jungle Villa, one can bathe and relax in what will soon be a 'full to the brim' natural water plunge pool. The tranquil sound of falling water and the sheer beauty of the waterfalls location, make this one of our 'Pura Vida' discoveries of the month...! Photos & video to come, once our access path is finished!

Final steps of 'Anteproyecto' underway with our architects & designers...

After months and months of meetings, reunions, presentations and site visits we have decided to go ahead with the exciting Phase 1 of PuraVidaEcolodge with a young Costa Rican firm based in San Jose. While their background is varied and a lot of their recent works are of a more urban & contemporary nature, the relationship we have developed over recent months suggests that a very strong and successful collaboration is on the horizon.

With a strong background and understanding for sustainability and 'ecoluxury' we are confident that they are indeed the correct professionals for this unique and exciting project. After all this, already long-awaited, phase one, hopes to be the first of many.

After our recent site visit in the middle of June, we have since shared some studio time and are currently tying up the 'anteproyecto'...We hope to have the 3rd revision (in 3D software) of the proposed 2-bedroom 'Jungle Villa', complete with open-plan living areas, multi-level decks, balconies, rain showers and various other treats in the next week or so. Watch this space!